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正规博彩十大网站排名,我们知道 这两个 旅程和目的地都很重要. 我们会确保你充分利用在这里的四年, 同时也要确保你为接下来的事情做好准备.


峰会 begins the moment you arrive on campus as a first-year and is woven into each of your four years here with courses and co-curricular experiences in global learning and leadership development that prepare you for leading change in a global society.


An Agnes Scott Summit advisor having a conversation with a student.

Your 峰会 peer advisor, a trained upperclass student, will help you adjust to life on campus.


为高峰周做好准备! The week before spring break is dedicated to special experiences like Global Journeys — faculty-led trips across the U.S. and the world — and Sophomore Class Atlanta Leadership Experience (SCALE), which pairs students with Atlanta-area businesses and nonprofits. 在你大三或大四的时候, choose an applied career experience to build digital skills, 特定职业领域的内容和网络.


峰会 ensures that thinking globally begins with learning globally. You will embark on a faculty-led global immersion experience, 学习一门非英语语言, and get involved in activities to better understand identity and culture in an interconnected world.


关闭 up of Agnes Scott Summit student's face, in a parka with frost on their eyelashes.

Every Agnes Scott student takes a Global Journey — a course that includes an eight-day faculty-led trip — in their first year.

A group of Agnes Scott Summit students pose for a group photo in Martinique.

Journeys Martinique focuses on the postcolonial problems of the country. 在学期中, students learn about the community and the way in which Martinique relates to the wider world.


Journeys Ghana examines Ghana as a window into West Africa's relationship to the African Diaspora, and a case study for analyzing the ongoing impact of historical forces.


从第一天开始, Agnes Scott students complete 峰会 coursework and experiences that help prepare them to be a leader in a global society. Here, you will hone and develop your own personal leadership style.



Before classes even begin your first year, you will be working on leadership development. 峰会 Legacy: The Goizueta Foundation Leadership Immersion is a two-day post-orientation program on campus and in the community.


In the 峰会 Leadership 101: Leadership Prologue course you’ll explore how liberal arts disciplines can be applied to real-world situations.

Two women talking at a table discussing the Agnes Scott Summit curriculum.

从第一天起, you'll work with your 峰会 Advisor to develop and hone leadership skills on and off campus. Opportunities include peer leadership, internships and engagement with Atlanta-area professionals.


学业和职业上的成功是相辅相成的. 峰会 prepares students with the career competencies needed to explore and engage professional possibilities and achieve early career success, 跨越每一个专业和广泛的职业目标.


An Agnes Scott Summit student talks with an employee at her internship site.

自我发现和职业曝光很早就发生了,而且经常发生. 在教室里和教室外, 专业人士是常客, showcasing relevance between liberal arts learning and professional impact and motivating students to engage in Career Communities. From Legacy and SCALE Leadership immersions to in-course career exposure, relevant professional connection is built into the 峰会 experience.


学习敏捷性, collaboration and inclusive leadership are just a few of the professional skills developed with every 峰会 leadership and global immersion. With one of the most diverse student bodies in the nation and innovative global and leadership curricula, working in diverse teams and building career competencies for teamwork and leadership are built into every student’s experience.

A group of students collaborating at their SCALE internship site.

现实意义. 跨文化对话, 领导跟踪, 给予和接受反馈, emerging technologies and career topics are built into 峰会 so that students experience learning in action. Peak Week experiences like SCALE and ACE open doors for internships and research during the junior and senior years.


指导你在艾格尼丝·斯科特的生活, 帮助你实现学业和职业目标, will be your own personal 顾问委员会 — a 峰会 advisor, 主要顾问, 同行顾问, 职业教练和峰会职业连接, 一个由400多名专业校友组成的网络.


A student speaking with an Agnes Scott Summit advisor in an office.

Your 峰会 Advisor will be in touch even before you arrive on campus and will be a key point of contact throughout your entire undergraduate career, helping you get the most out of your Agnes Scott experience.


Your Peer Advisors are trained upperclass students who will work with you during the summer before and throughout the fall semester of your first year to ensure a smooth transition to college life.


当你准备好选择专业的时候, 通常是在大二结束的时候, 你将添加一个主要顾问, 你所选领域的教员, 向董事会提供具体的纪律指导.


You'll develop critical technology skills that bolster your academic learning and prepare you for early career success.



在我们的数字和视觉素养中心, 导师帮助你学习新技术, 建立你的数字投资组合, 并为任何项目找到数字解决方案.


Each year, seniors can show off their four years of work at the annual Digital Portfolio Showcase.


Reserve studio space in our Center for Digital and Visual Literacy for photoshoots, 录制高质量音频, 或者使用绿屏.